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Social Media Management

Are you looking to grow your business and reach more customers? Look no further! As a social media manager, I specialize in creating unique and engaging social media strategies tailored to your business needs. 

Starter Package

Community Catalyst

This package focuses on igniting positive change in the local community through social media management. It includes strategies for building a strong community presence, fostering meaningful connections, and promoting social good initiatives to create a lasting impact.

$1500+ /mo

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Social Navigator Pro

This package emphasizes the power of positivity in social media management. It includes content creation that inspires, uplifts, and motivates followers, reputation management with a focus on positive impact, and data-driven strategies to amplify the client's influence and create a ripple effect of positivity online.

$2000+ /mo

Most Popular Package

A Quick Overview

Social media looks different for every business. Customize your social media management with Addison Sage Socials based on your needs. Consider these topics before you begin:

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Pick Your Socials

What platforms do you use?







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Stay Consistent

How often do you want to be sharing with your audience?

1x post per week

2x posts per week

3x posts per week

4x posts per week

Up to 5x posts per week

Up to 3x video posts per week

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Well Rounded Options

I can also....

Comment with your online community

Answer inbox questions and comments

Share posts to your story

Create  unique story highlights


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Client LOVE

Brand Identity Design

"Addison is a wonderful designer. She was incredibly patient with me as I figured out what I wanted to represent my brand. I am so grateful I got the opportunity to work with her, the brand assets are an absolutely perfect representation of my brand and her kindness and generosity made this process a breeze. I will definitely reach out to her in the future whenever I need a new asset designed!"

Fiona, Owner of Sundew & Co.

Am I the perfect fit for you?

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