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Past Projects

My work is a beautiful mix of passion and creativity. My style is the bold, the fun, and the powerful. Take a peek at my past work to see if we'd be the perfect fit!


Norwood Nook

Town Blog Page

A Boston suburb that's blooming fun events and activities, but needed a place to centralize the info and include a fun blog on the what's-what in town.

Jewelry Company Asset 3.jpg


Handmade Jewelry

As a lover of all things silver and gold, this jewelry maker focuses on the finer details of jewelry making.

Potterie Logo Design.jpg


Pottery Making

This pottery barn offers beautiful handmade kitchen sets, crafted with love, or the ability to make your own pottery through one of their expert classes.




Stationary for the doodlers, daydreamers, notetakers, or organizers who love to add a pop of life to their work.

Glow Organics Website.png

Glow Organics


A skincare brand who focuses on all things natural. Checking all the boxes, this business is vegan, cruelty free, paraban free, and all organic.

Podcast Cover Design.jpg

Back Talk


Three best friends who love to gossip, drop TMI's, and all things "taboo" want to give the world a taste of their everyday conversations and life advice.



Olive Oil

Adeline has been a lover of cooking since she was a little girl where she learned to cook with her grandpa. Now, Adeline wants to spread the joy of cooking with her olive oil.

fynders keepers (2)-17.jpg

Fynders Keepers

Vintage & Second Hand Items Store

A clothing retailer based in the UK that sells vintage and second hand clothing, accessories, and fashion pieces. 


Orange Swim

Swimwear Brand

A swimwear company that caters to all shapes and sizes. Orangeis looking for branding that will stand out and show their mission.

good linen-26.jpg

Good Linen

Linen Company

Eloise has always loved bedding from the sheets to the covers to the pillows. She loves to explore her expression through her bedroom decor, especially her bedding. She loves simple colors and textures. 

WLC Business Card.jpg


Westwood Laser Center

The team at Westwood Laser Center are caring experts at their craft. They wanted to make their brand feel as luxurious as their clients feel after treatments.

URUBO POUCH_edited.jpg


Handmade Scrunchie Brand

Urubo is an all online store that sells handmade scrunchies. Their goal is to offer comfort and style to people of all hair types.

Client LOVE

"Addison is a wonderful designer. She was incredibly patient with me as I figured out what I wanted to represent my brand. I am so grateful I got the opportunity to work with her, the brand assets are an absolutely perfect representation of my brand and her kindness and generosity made this process a breeze. I will definitely reach out to her in the future whenever I need a new asset designed!"

Fiona, Owner of Sundew & Co.

Am I the perfect fit for you?

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